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Pediatric Speech & Occupational Therapy for Growth

At Growth Pediatric Therapy, we provide speech, feeding, and occupational therapy services across the East Valley in Arizona that promote healthy growth and development in children up to 18 years of age. As pediatric therapists, we understand the unique needs of each child. We work with families to create individualized therapy plans.

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Meet Kacie


Speech-Language Pathologist

I provide speech  and therapy in Arizona. I work with infants, children, and teens focusing on their development, assessment, and treatment. I offer personalized speech and feeding therapy while prioritizing the education and training of parents/guardians to foster ongoing language development in the home.

I love to help people communicate, that is why I became a speech language pathologist. My favorite quote is “If all my possessions were taken from me with one exception. I would choose to keep the power of communication, for by it I would soon regain the rest”. I love to be part of kids saying, “mama” or “I love you" for the first time and help a kid pronounce the name of his favorite video game so he can talk about it with his friends. Whether it be teaching words, sounds or signs, I love helping little humans communicate to their loved ones. Because communication and speech therapy should not be a parent's struggle.

I also specialize in feeding therapy. I have worked with a wide variety of pediatric feeding disorders, from picky eating to assisting children with feeding tubes in transitioning to oral feeding. I love watching kids try new foods and explore new textures for the first time! I have experience working with the strongest little NICU grads and enjoy promoting and encouraging a healthy relationship with eating right from the beginning

Meet Kori


Occupational Therapist

As a dedicated pediatric occupational therapist, I specialize in providing comprehensive and compassionate care to children facing developmental challenges. My work revolves around creating tailored interventions to enhance their fine and gross motor skills, sensory processing, and overall functional independence. I find immense joy in witnessing the transformative impact of my efforts on the lives of these young individuals, helping them overcome obstacles and achieve milestones. The fulfillment derived from fostering their growth and independence fuels my passion for pediatric occupational therapy, making every day a rewarding journey of facilitating progress, building connections, and making a positive impact on the future of these children.


Meet Felicia


Speech Therapist

Originally from Castle Rock, CO, Felicia set her eyes on a career in Speech Language Pathology while working with children with developmental and intellectual disabilities. While earning her Bachelor’s degree in Communication Sciences & Disorders from California State University, Sacramento, she worked as a Montessori trained early education teacher. She furthered her education by obtaining a Master’s degree in Speech-Language Pathology from Midwestern University in Arizona. 


Felicia has experience with both adults and pediatric populations in the areas of language, articulation, cognition, AAC, voice, feeding & swallowing disorders. 

Felicia believes in a naturalistic and functional approach to treatment sessions while prioritizing client interests and goals. 


In her free time, Felicia enjoys scrolling through food blogs, playing volleyball, skiing, and talking to her niece on the phone. 

Meet Katie


Occupational Therapist

My favorite thing about being an OT is helping and seeing kids reach their full potential to live their best kid life possible. When I’m not working I love spending time with friends and my golden retriever, hiking, traveling, working on cars, relaxing with a good show/movie, and watching football. Go hawks!!


Reasons to Consider Speech Therapy

As a parent, it's entirely understandable to have concerns if your child is not talking as much as their peers or if your child is having difficulties with speech disorders and communication.

My child is a picky eater

My child has a stutter

My child's speech is difficult to understand

My child tends to be quiet in social situations

My child is not talking at school

My child has issues articulating certain sounds

My child does not point or gesture

My toddler only says a small number of words

My child has a hard time playing with or talking to other children

My child does not want to touch foods

My child has difficulty eating, drinking, or swallowing

... and many more reasons

Reasons to Consider Occupational Therapy

My child has difficulty writing, an unusual pencil grasp, or poor legibility for letters.

Difficulty with tasks like holding a pencil, using scissors, or tying shoelaces.

Overreacting or under reacting to sensory stimuli, such as touch, sound, or textures.

Frequent clumsiness, poor balance, or difficulty with activities requiring coordination.

Inability or reluctance to perform age-appropriate self-care tasks like dressing or grooming.

Difficulty making friends, understanding social cues, or engaging appropriately in group activities.

Persistent difficulty focusing or staying on task, impacting academic and daily activities.

Regular emotional outbursts, difficulty with transitions, or challenges in managing frustration.


Consistent difficulties with handwriting, organization, or participation in classroom activities.

Failure to reach developmental milestones within expected time-frames.

Strong resistance to changes in routine or difficulty adapting to new environments.

... and many more reasons.

Our Therapy Services

At Growth Pediatric Therapy, we offer a wide range of therapy services to meet the unique needs of each child.


Our services include evaluations & individualized treatment plans, such as providing therapy and working with children with speech delay, articulation disorder, language delay, apraxia, autism, feeding disorders, down syndrome, sensory processing disorder, pediatric feeding disorders, children with feeding tubes, pragmatic disorders, developmental delays, cerebral palsy, expressive language delay, receptive language delay, social language delay, and disorders.

Click to learn more about our services.

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