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Our pediatric Speech Language Pathologists assess, diagnose, and provide treatment for all areas of speech, language, feeding, sand swallowing. Speech therapy concentrates on enhancing a child's ability to understand and express language, improve articulation, develop feeding and swallowing skills, enhance social communication, and build social skills, all aimed at enabling the child to effectively convey their desires and needs.

Our pediatric Occupational Therapists assess, diagnose, and provide treatment for fine motor skills, visual motor skills, sensory integration, emotional regulation, bilateral coordination, ADL skills, and sustained attention.

speech delay

articulation disorder

Emontional Disregulation



feeding disorders

Down syndrome

pragmatic disorders

developmental delays

language disorders

cerebral palsy

 language delays

Fine motor delays

social language delay

Sensory Processing Disorder

and many more

If your particular concern is not listed, please contact to find out if you could work with Growth Pediatric Therapy

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